CAD Phase

CAD Phase Application | Click to enlarge picture

CAD Phase Application

The next phase is the CAD phase where a 3D product model is created in a virtual environment. In this phase the VICON Annotation Module plays the major role, where the designer is able to define the UI components. As a CAD application, Siemens NX was preferred since Siemens NX represents one of the most widespread CAD applications used in consumer product development industry.

CAD Phase Application | Click to enlarge Picture

CAD Phase Application

After the (manual) annotation of the UI component, all design recommendations of the sketch phase (qualitative and quantitative) are imported into the CAD application. These recommendations can then be applied to the individual UI components. At the end the results are again exported and serve as a basis for the evaluation phase.


VICON papers1, 2, 3 and books4, 5 published during the Project runtime were:

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